Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Feb. 15th - Rosemary's going on tour!

I was excited when they put the Olympic rings up on the hill. This in on the right side of the road, before the course for the cross country skiing.
This is the road we are on, that I keep talking about. It doesn't look too bad here, but when there are cars and big trucks coming both ways, with no sidewalks it is hard to walk on. There are usually lots of people walking on it too.

Hello again. Well, in two days I go on tour! Sounds like I am in a rock band. :=) I am being picked up by a taxi at 6am to be driven to the Torino Airport. Pricey but not many other options.
If anyone's interested, I'll be on this tour: Now, if this only takes you to Globus's home page, click on Europe, then Italy, then "Italy at Leisure". When you get to that page (it will have a map of where I'm going), you can click on Complete Itineray to find out where I'll be going and seeing each day. This will, in away, be like a replacement for daily blogs while I'm on tour, since I doubt I'll be able to do that.

This part is for "Dr. Mary" and any others interested in the food here - for lunch I had the most delicious pasta. Small shells that looked like hats (you can tell I'm a connosouire, huh?) with tuna, black olives and who knows what else. Oh, and with parmesean cheese on top, of course. Also, when I order at lunchtime, I can see the chef make my food up right then... nice and fresh.
Had some wonderful bread with butter that I didn't have to ask for this time.

So, this is likely my last blog entry for awhile. I think I'll be back here on the 27th. David & I will leave here on March 2nd and start train hopping through Switzerland and Austria. This will be our first time doing something like this. David and I will celebrate our 37th anniversary during that time. We'll be home on March 10th. I am so excited about the tour! Can't imagine what I'll see and experience. I hope you all will be well. A big thank you to Diane and Phil for giving the guys this blog site for Christmas. I know I've really enjoyed entering information and photos in to it and we've had good responses to it.

Ciao, ciao! Love, Mom/Rosemary


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