Tuesday, February 07, 2006

January 31, 2006

Now starting to feel the Olympic spirit. Got up this morning at 6:00am to be at the Field Shop for orientation. Not sure why I have to be there but I am going. Willeta Dement is my Broadcast Manager (BM), and I am to pick her up as well to discuss setting up our team. So, off I finally go in my Fiat van to trek down the hill. It is icy with steep curves and 2000 foot revines. I am doing about 40km per hour down these hills. It can be very scary but exhilarating. I finally got to the Field Shop for our meeting on things I can care less about; catering, paperwork, and doing more reports about the day. Again, more old home week and I was able to re-establish contacts with more old friends. Finally, I load Willeta’s luggage and head back up the hill.
Willeta is a staffer for NBC and has done a lot doing golf and now hockey. She has never done an Olympics and is looking for the challenge. She and I chat as we drive up and get to work a lot of the things out before we see the venue. I was planning on going to the hotel to drop off Willeta and get my snow pants and boots back on. However, a panic phone call from my boss gets me diverted back to the venue so check-in and boots have to wait. As there is a cable crew waiting for me, the edit system installers waiting for me, and the control room installers are waiting for me, I have no choice but go. So, finally, I get things all set and find that I have to do a conference call that night to review how things are going at each venue. I decide to duck out of the venue and do the con-call at the hotel. Willeta can check in and I can do the call. The call goes on and on and finally is over and my boss and I go to the bar to meet everyone. Dinner and to bed after a very long day.


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