Sunday, June 04, 2006

Day 20 - Diving in the Caldera

Wednesday May 31, 2006
Today we're diving on parts of the Caldera that they used Echo (The sonar) on and discovered vents and seeps (a crack in the ground that hot gas and water shoot out of). The new toy that has been placed on Hercules is a temperature probe. This titanium tipped thermometer, has a soft ball placed on the end of it, so the pilots can use one of Hercules' manipulator to grab it.
Santorini, which is now a chain of island, but if you looked at it from above, you can see the out circumference of the volcano. Underneath the water, the scientists are taking core samples, rock samples, and testing the temperature in the seeps and vents. During my evening shift, we tested a seep that was 65 degrees Celsius (155 degrees Fahrenheit), while the water is a balmy 12 degrees Celsius (54 degrees Fahrenheit). This is all very interesting, but it makes you think: If it's that hot under the sea bed, does that mean this thing is still active? Yes, it is (Although it hasn't erupted in 3000 years).


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