Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Dear Dad and Brian,

My Christmas present to you is your own little spot on the web where you can write about all the cool places you get to go and things you get to do in your travels. This will be a much easier place to keep a travelogue of your time in Italy and on the boat in the spring. You can post pictures without worrying about clogging people's inboxes and about download time or fighting with your email client on including images in your emails (Brian!). This will also keep track of all your posts, so if your friends miss a day, they can very easily navigate back to the post they missed. And all of your posts will be in one place (instead of half being on Dad's computer and the other half being on Brian's). People can respond to your writing and leave comments for all to enjoy which can be fun (or nasty - we'll talk about that more later). They can also forward your link to others a little more easily.

The blogging world is pretty cool - I think you're going to have fun with this. You've already had a taste of keeping a regular blog when you were keeping the expedition log this past summer. Publishing a post is extremely easy and I'll show you all the features of Blogger. I thought this template fit well with your Italy trip and I can change it when you go on the expedition. There are a few things to keep in mind when writing on the internet (we'll talk later!), but overall you're going to love it! If you really get into this, I will get you more advanced features and a better design, but let's just try this for now.

Can't wait to read the first entry!

Merry Christmas!

Diane and Phil