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Rosemary's final thoughts about WEGS 10/30/10

Hello, I tried putting all my pictures below my final entry, but am getting very irritated with the process, so you will see some images before, and some after... I will be putting more pictures on the blog soon.

The Alltech Arena, where reigning and vaulting took place.
Brian was Tech Manager at this venue

Melissa driving the 13 passenger cart that I called the farm wagon
You had to remember to swing wide when you turned

Nathan driving a golf cart - one of the few that had "roofs"

Hello all! David, and others, have been pushing me to write a final entry.... I'd like to just put "Been there, done that and have the jacket and hat!" but I will add more. My last entry was October 5th. Most days in between then and the end are kind of a blur by now, which David was afraid off. I recall days starting at 6:30am... I do recall one day starting 7..that was a real treat! I did go to a few vaulting events which were interesting. I will say that during the last week, it didn't feel like I'd been there almost 3 weeks which was kind of odd. Also, although I worked long hours, some of those hours were spent sitting in the catering tent, waiting to hear what our next job was. Sometimes I was by myself, sometimes there were other runners I could chat with. One time, I waited for 1 1/2 hrs for someone to bring a van back for me to do some errand, only to find out the person with the van had been told I'd left awhile ago, so that's why he never sought me out! Oh well. I did have a lot of fun at times and met some wonderful people! I wanted to see some of the Driving Marathon in person but I needed to be working when it started. However, there was a tv in the Catering tent, so I got to watch some of it, along with other events on other days, on it. On Sunday, 10/10, the last day of the event, I went in to work at 6:15am. Did the usual shuttling, etc. Went to the finale of the vaulting - USA won team event! Back to work till 4, when I went to the closing ceremony. I had been given a ticket for a great seat, but it was out in the sun and it was hot, so I sat up in the media section which had a cover. The event was very boring. My ticket said it cost $80 - I would have been pretty mad to have paid $80 for such a boring event. Now, Lyle Lovett was performing at the end, so if you were a fan, then the price of the ticket would have been worthwhile as he was going to perform for an hour and a half. Alot of people left when he started, though, which surprised me. I did leave when he started as I felt I should go back to work. Crews left at different times during the evening. Some runners, including myself, stayed and shuttled till midnight. There were only about 6 crew members left and David thought they'd be done soon, so I suggested the other runners leave and I'd stay for the last run. I waited till 12:30am and was told it would be another hour! I told David I couldn't responsibly drive anymore so he sent me "home" and said he'd shuttle the people who were left. Brian ended up doing the run to the parking lot. He and David got "home" at 2am. Jack called me at 6:30am Monday to ask when I was coming in. I told him that Jackie said I could sleep in some and what time I'd gotten home, so he said to come in whenever. He said everyone would be working till they dropped.. great! David & Brian went in at 8am and I went in at 10. Everyone was packing up everything and cleaning out the trailers. I started cleaning out the Edit trailer but people were still working in there so I couldn't do much. They kept the edit trailer warm, and it was warm out so I felt I was going to "drop" after just an hour, but then I got to work in the production trailer (where Jackie and David and had offices) that was much cooler so that was good and I perked up. (oh, back to the day before -The college students were back that day which was great. Rachel & Kristin, who are in the photo with me that David posted, gave me that photo, printed out and with a very touching message written on the back. I will treasure it. ) Back to Monday, we were done at 4 or 5pm which was great! It meant that David and I could leave the next day, instead of Wednesday! We met up with one of David & Brian's bosses and some others for dinner. Beautiful place but we were all tired. We started packing when we got back and finished up Tuesday morning. We put almost all of our things in to Brian's trailer as we were coming back in the Porsche. On Tuesday we headed North. While on the way, I rec'd a call from Jackie, who has already been offered to work at Rolex, the annual 3 day horse event they have at the park and she wanted to know if I was interested in working it. I said I would have to wait and see. I am pretty sure I won't want to work it but didn't want to say no yet. When we got to Maryland, we stopped at a Holiday Inn, in Cumberland, MD (hmmm, I think it was Cumberland) - it was in a sketchy area and had a train running right behind it. Was $135 a night for that "lovely" and noisey (due to train running every hour!) place so we decided to push on. Not too far up the road, we stopped at the Rocky Gap Resort in Flintstone, MD. It was $150/night. It was gorgeous place, however, unfortunately, we had an unhappy time in the restaurant...our complaints resulted in the manager tearing up our whole bill! Beautiful looking breakfast buffet the next day, but not so tasty. Oh well. I was actually longing for the food in the catering tent! Then we were off to Atlantic City. We stayed at the Trump Plaza for 2 nights (great prices for week days). Good food. David hated A.C. though. :-( He left early Friday, went home and then went to the Manchester airport to head to St. Louis to work a football game. I stayed in A. C. and moved to The Chelsea Pub and Inn. Caryl (David's sister) arrived around 6pm and we started our adventure which mostly consisted of shopping and eating. Saturday night we went to the Boardwalk Hall and saw the "So You Think You Can Dance Tour" which was great. We left Sunday at 5:30am in hopes of getting to Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, NJ, before it got too busy there. The show "Cake Boss" is filmed there and is about the family run bakery. I had heard stories of people waiting in line for 4 hours to get in to this bakery! Caryl and I decided that if there was a line, we'd only wait an hour. We got there at 7:30am, parked right in front and walked right in! It was really fun and we got some yummy pastries and cakes. I got home that afternoon and was so glad to be back after being gone almost a month! So, dear family and friends... I say "adieu" and leave you with some photographs I took. Take care and thanks for tuning in! Rosemary

First night there, when I was happy, excited
and nieve! This is David's Gator.

Behind the Broadcast compound


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