Friday, October 08, 2010

WEG Day #53


At the Indoor Arena, where my events occur, we have a jib. Which is a crane with a camera on the end of it. This gives the large swooping look that you've seen at sporting events before.

Very early on, during rehearsals our director asked for a set of 4 ferns and a World Equestrian Games sign. The jib operator set them up so the sign was sitting on the ferns, and the opening shot was of the jib swinging over the sign. It was wonderful!

We set that up very early on (September 24th, I believe) and then Wednesday (October 6th!!!!) they went missing!!!! Where did the ferns go?

It seems our production manager found them from the Main Stadium florist, which is different than the Indoor Arena florist. It took over two weeks for the Main Stadium florist to realize their ferns were in the Indoor Arena. Instead of them calling us and say, "Hey, you need to find some new ferns" they just TOOK them. It was a huge mystery while our production manager scurried to find some new ferns. We only have a few days left, WHY are we changing things?!?!?!

From the Horse Park


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