Monday, October 11, 2010

WEG - Day "Who cares! We're done!"

As I sit here on Day 35 of MY time here, I'd like to reflect on my time at the World Equestrian Games. I'm sipping on a Kentucky Cocktail, which has become my local favorite, as a celebration to the end of the games. I'm sure once I get home, it'll fall to the way side, but for's what I've got. It's made of Bourbon {Woodford Reserve} and an Ale-8-1 {pronounced "A Late One", which tastes like ginger ale, but not quite}. To add to the mood, which one must achieve to finalize their thoughts on the last several weeks, I've finally added a bonfire to my camping experience in Lexington.

When we were invited to come to the Saratoga area in New York, four years ago, I was overwhelmed by the fount of information our boss was giving us. It's hard to try and grasp 16 days in a few hours. There were so many unanswered questions from this meeting, and it wasn't because he didn't know, it was a matter that the organizing committee had yet to determine what they wanted to do.

Over the last several years, I'd hear tidbits here and there about what was coming, but never the full picture. Again, not because we didn't know, but because the organizing committee hadn't decided. But, showing up several weeks ago, it was clear: decisions had been made, actions were required, and I was one of those people that needed to make sure it happened.

The quick answers are here:
Did I enjoy doing it? Yes!
Was it worth it? Yes!
Would you do it again? Yes!
Best moment: Getting all 28 cameras up in three hours for Eventing: Cross County
Worst moment: Getting yelled at as to why we couldn't see all 28 cameras the day before. Oops!

Here are the long answers:
Did I enjoy doing it?
I did. It was certainly a challenge. It was the largest event that required a lot of patience and focus based upon the fact there was so much going on at the same time that affected eachother (ie one event needed to end, so another could start) that I had ever done. It was stressful and rewarding, all at the same time. I may have disliked certain times, WHILE I was enduring them, but overall I enjoyed my time here.

Was it worth it?
Yes! This is one of those many events in my life that I can look back and say, "I learned something from that!" And either I'll say: "I'm NEVER going to....." or "You know, back in Lexington we did ...... And it worked!" These will help us grow to be better at our job, so we may grow professionally and technically for the next one.

Would you do it again?
Yes! I would do this again because this is the early/middle-time for my career. My father's done 6 Olympics, so he's good with that. I'm ready for more!

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