Thursday, October 14, 2010

WEG Final Day

I want to fill you in on our last days before we end this Blog with our final thoughts. Brian has done his and Rosemary and I will do ours in the next few days. Probably by the weekend and we can give these to you but for now, this is what happened over our last days;

The last day started with a final driving competition and a final vaulting. The driving compettion was of driving teams thru obstacles with cones and tennis balls. It was timed events and it was going very quickly until our timing and scoring crashed. We have had problems with these people of timing and scoring for both weeks and the judges had had it with them and stopped the competition completely. For an hour! They finally decided to run it with stop watches the old fashion way. We finally got thru but then there was the awards ceremony that went on for over an hour. We needed to move this crew down to Closing Ceremonies and get to rehearse for them. So, instead of 2 hours of rehearsing, they got about 10 minutes.

Brian's venue was a little bit luckier as they finished, had lunch, then took their cameras down. They then went up to driving and removed all of those cameras as well. They also removed all of the cabling there. Brian had a real good crew and never really complained. More on this in my closing remarks later.

We finally suffered thru Closing and got thru the Lyle Lovett concert we couldn't broadcast due to rights but had to stay for feeding the large screens. Finally brought everyone in for supper and to shut down the compound. The race was on. We wanted people out by 9:00p but that didn't work and then tried for 10:00p. Still no joy as we had a lot of equipment and cable out. Finally we started getting people away and most were gone by midnight. Except Brian and I.

One of the trucks had problems closing their doors. And they played and fixed and played and fixed until 1:00a. Finally the last truck drove away at 1:45a and Brian and I got back to the campground at 2:00a.

Needless to say, Brian and I were exhausted. We got up 5 hours later to go in to work. We had to pack what was left of cable and equipment that were not going on the trucks and all of the rental gear to boot. It was and always is a letdown at the end of these large events as we were there to "turn out the lights and shut the door". Our crews are gone, the trucks have left, and after racing around and running for a month, we were very, very tired and now had to de-compress. We did do a small dinner that night at a restaurant and went to bed early. Brian did stay up to build a fire in his campsite (first and last) and kicked back to enjoy his Kentucky Cocktail and write in the Blog. Rosemary and I headed east to Atlantic City where I am finally able to write this edition. I will need another day to gather my thoughts on closing out this adventure. Brian has already written his and Rosemary will probably follow me.

So, Dear Readers, stand by for closing out this adventure.

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