Friday, October 01, 2010

More from Rosemary on Oct 1st

back from quick nap to go to tonight's event.
Forgot to tell you something else nice that happened to me today. I think I've told you that we are only supposed to transport the broadcasters but occassionaly I'll pick someone else up. I also think I told you that the catering staff have to walk 2+miles to their parking area. As I was heading out on a cart, I saw 2 from catering leaving and I offered them a ride.. turned out they are married. I took the wife to the parking lot and the husband the opposite end of the park to where he was now, after working the morning, going to Volunteer for WEGS. He was a quiet man - I'd say something and he say "yes ma'am". When we got to his destination and he got out, he said "I'm also the president of the Beef Cattle Assn and I also do wood working. I'd like to give you a key chain I made - it has an angel on it". I was surprised and gave him a hug - he said "I'm giving you this angel because you are an angel for giving my wife and I a ride. I have a bad leg." I was really touched. This means way more to me than my free ticket to tonight's event and meeting Mr. Shatner. :-) "Do unto others as you'd have done to you".
Well, off to the event - won't stay long since I have to be up at 3am.. ugh..
Take care! Rosemary


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