Friday, October 01, 2010

Rosemary's good and bad news

Friday, Oct 1

first off.. worked 7am - 11:30am yesterday - went back to camper - napped, got ready to come back here.. not knowing when - they didn't call so I called at 6pm and they said I didn't have come back and that my call for today was 5:30am. David came and got me and took me to the indoor arena to see the last 4 riders in the reining exhibition... pretty neat.

Today - Up at 4:30am - in at 5:30am = they were going to send me home but I keep finding things to do and am going to an event at 7, so thought I might stay through till then. First good news - I was given a ticket to the sold out Freestyle Dressage event tonight! I hear it's very entertaining. It's from 7pm - 11 or midnight. I figured I'd stay till 10 or so and then head back as am working tomorrow.

2nd piece of good news - I got to meet William Shatner today! Yay! He came back to do another voice over. I heard that he and his wife were heading the catering tent so I stood outside and they ended up walking to the tent with David and David stopped and introduced myself and one of the interns. Had a few words. When they left, they stopped and talked with me again, asking some questions.

Now the bad news... I have to be in at 4am tomorrow as one crew as to be in at 5am and we have to be ready to cart people from parking lot to compound at 4 or a little after. Sigh. Guess I'll leave tonight's event even earlier. Oh well.

All for now... guess I'll head back and take a nap after all!


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