Wednesday, October 06, 2010

WEG Day #51

I wrote the header and am now very tired. 51 days and I am still here. I have 7 more days and then going home. Rosemary is exhausted and Brian is beat. We did have dinner with my cousin's friend, Erica, last night so it was nice getting away. I am getting her a credential and she will come visit tonight.

One issue that we have had all along was infinity passes and lack of them. Infinity means you have access everywhere. So we finally were issued ours and I have one along with Brian. This picture was taken which just shows you that nothing is ever correct.

The last picture is from Rosemary and her other runner buddies.
Rosemary, Rachel and Kristen, trying to keep warm on a golf cart at 4:00AM

from the Horse Park


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