Tuesday, October 05, 2010

From Rosemary Oct 5th

Hello again. Worked 7 - 7 yesterday. The shuttling of people to their parking lot at the end of the day was alot of fun as everyone was excited to get out early and wanted to get to wherever they were staying. I was driving the 12 seater, which if I haven't told you already, I call the farm vehicle as it reminds me of a hay ride. I'm on a golf cart but looks like a small lawn tractor with a seat for 2... I pull a trailer with 4 seats, each seat can hold 3 people. The guys and gals were hooping and hollering on the way to the parking lot. I keep trying to get the to sing camp songs, but that hasn't gone over. The last part of the trip is through a field. I have to go slowly most of the way - the cart can't go fast loaded with people anyways, and because there are so many people, carts, trucks, etc in the road. But, when I got the first load of exuberant people to the field, I went as fast as I could (not fast) over the bumps and they loved it. They asked me to stomp on the break - I did a little and we slid a little to our stop and they loved it. Sometimes when I bring that cart back in to the compound to pick more people up, I scrape the end of the fence a little bit because I didn't swing wide enough - sometimes I can't or think I can't - besides trying to get through the opening in the fence I'm also trying to avoid running over the security people's feet. I find it interesting that when people see that cart and trailer coming, that they either don't move at all or move just a little. I'm always worried I'm going to run over their feet - hasn't happened yet! Brian, David and I ate at the trailer last night. Got to catch Dancing With the Stars. I haven't seen much TV since I've been here.
In at 6:30am this morning. Nice weather today. Good news is that my original new hat and gloves were found! Yeah! I put those on and people have been asking where my hat with the ear flaps are. :-) More later = OH, if you get a chance, watch the show on this week's events next Sunday on NBC from 4-6. Some neat stuff coming up - Driving marathon, driving obstacles and vaulting (vaulting is described as gymnastics on a horse). The opening voice over will be done by William Shatner.. he's coming back on Friday to do it. I watched last Sunday's show and really liked it. Ok, really off now. Rosemary


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