Saturday, June 10, 2006

Day 29 - Back to Santorini

Friday June 9, 2006
The shows are done. We pick up more people today, and leave for the Sea of Crete tomorrow. So, after two weeks of 20 hour days we get shore leave. Mary Nichols, Mike Durbin, Mark DeRosche, Wallis Barton (ship's second engineer), Armando Gundin (Mate) and I rented ATVs and motor scooters and drove around the island. What's nice about Santorini is unlike Bermuda where if you rent a scooter, you're always being pressed off the road by automobiles and buses. In Santorini on a Friday there are no cruise ships, and the whole town is dead. There was no one on the road. We rode in a row, kinda like the Hell's Angels of Santorini. Our difference was no drugs, beatings, drinking, etc. We were more like Heck's Angels of Santorini.

After running around the island for a couple of hours we went to the Red Beach. I don't think I'll need to explain why they named it that.

The water was REALLY cold, but I had to jump in at least for a little bit.
After the beach we found a taverna (restaurant) and ate Gyros and had Greek coffee. Greek coffee is like Turkish coffee. If you've never had either, let me fill you in on the experience: Caffeine. I think they caffeinate the caffeine. And the consistency of their coffee is like what what's scraped out of the bilge of the Endeavor. And, what's worse is there is a layer of stuff on the bottom of the cup that stays there. I'd be happy to attach the picture, but 3 pictures seems to be the limit of the blog. So.....


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