Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rosemary's Day 11

Worked 16 hours yesterday - was supposed to go home during Am and PM shifts but jobs kept coming up. Had a 7am call today - 7am call is a treat after the 4:30 and 5:30am calls. Was released at 10 - am on David's computer for now and then will go back to trailer for a nap. Back later. Sorry for a boring blog entry today. Rosemary

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WEG Day #43

After our one day event, Endurance, my father mentioned the other day, we took out all of the cable and cameras from that venue, to start building Cross Country. Here are the pictures from the INSIDE of the Sheik's tent. By the way, this cost $1 Million just for one day (not setup, not strike, but food, staff, etc.) Remember: This is a temporary structure, for one day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Rosemary's Day 9

Hello - forgot to mention before my first day here, which is when I arrived a week ago Sunday - at night. Lexington airport is nice and small and easy. David picked me up,we went to a chinese buffet that wasn't very good and then to the campground. Then he took me for a tour of the Horse park and where events would be taking place which was great as I need to go to some of those places or direct people to them starting the next day. It was a beautiful night. David pointed out that the sunsets here are amazing....and they are!

I've learned to carry my sunclips with me when I shuttle people as when I start out it's dark but then the sun starts to rise and it's really bright, as well as beautiful. At night, part way through shuttling people back to the parking lot, the gorgeous sunset starts. I carry my camera sometimes and take shots while on my shuttling routes. The places we pick up and drop off have changed about 3x since I've been here...due to changes in where security will let us come in and out of. Everyone I've dealt with in security and parking have been great. Often I will say goodnight to them at 11pm and then see them again whenever I start up the next morning as they have worked ALL night - phew! I tell you, as I mentioned in last night's blog, I only felt bad for myself for a few seconds as I have it so much easier than almost everyone else who has other jobs.

I am really glad I am doing this - I think it's good for me as I kind of "hole up" in our house for days and days on end...if I don't have a good enough reason to go out, I don't go out. I haven't had headaches or neckaches since I've been here - probably because I haven't been on the computer until last night.
I was so pleased I didn't get sunburned with all those days of being in and out of the 90-96 degree days.... the heat here was dry, thank goodness. I'm sure many of us would have passed out if it had been humid. I started a headache my 2nd day but I think it was due to just starting working again, the heat,and me starting to wear my straw hat. My red hair and straw hat make me very noticeable for others from a distance. the security can see me coming! :-)
I am kind of proud of myself for getting through this = getting up earlier each day, getting more organized each day, etc. Jack and Jackie (my bosses I mentioned last night) have been so fantastic to me in sending me home in between some shifts, etc.

As I told you yesterday,I was first told to be ready to shuttle today at 5am then was told I had the day off. At 4:20 this morning, a runner called me to ask when I was going to meet him in the parking lot - oops, no one told him I have today off... then Jack called as he wasn't told I had today off and he said I was the only one who opened the cart barn in the morning (although I know others have... I think he's always thought it was me). I said I'd go up and unlock the barn doors (they have combo locks and he doesn't know the combos). David got right up and said he was going instead...what a sweetie! After he came back, we slept awhile longer than he got up for work - I got up with him and stayed up for awhile after he left. I went back to bed - David called me later and it was 11:15!! I was still tired so set the alarm for 12:30 - got up and just took my time. It's a rainy day so I didn't feel like going to check out the parts of the park I haven't had time to see yet and I don't have a laptop when Brian is working. David leaves his at his office - that is where I am now. Satellite tv was sketchy due to the rain but I did get to see a few shows. Also reorganized some things in trailer. Am sleeping well in the small bed,although sometimes whack and arm or leg on the cabinets that are right next to it.

There is one road that the park buildings, etc are on - it's wide enough for 2 golf carts side by side or 1 car or 1 truck. we've got people walking or running or bicycling on the same road. Some people driving carts blow thru stop signs. I've heard that at least one person was hit in the road.

All for now... David and Brian might get out soon! I suggested we 3 go out to eat. Oh, we do get 3 meals a day here - very good food and lots of it.. plus they leave out drinks and snacks all day long that we can access. Take care. Rosemary

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello from Rosemary! My first week.

Hello everyone! I'm finally on a laptop (Brian's) and joining in on this Blog.
Here are the main answers to the most important 2 questions:
1. Am I glad I'm doing this? ...well, it depends which day it is!
2. Will I ever do this again? Hell no! :-)

9/20 My first day - started with excitement, then confusion, then...."what the heck have
I gotten myself into?" Turns out beside being a golf cart
driver, I am a Runner - which is a gopher - "go for this, go for that". Went shopping for office and other supplies. Sounds fun - spending other people's money. Not hard
work just have to figure out how much of anything on the list to get - I heard later "aim high". Get a LOT! I was asked to also get ten 55 gallon trash cans to put ice in for the beer they were serving at that BBQ that night. I only had enough money left from money my boss had given me to shop with, for 6 and I bought ones that roll (grr, no more trying to indent each paragraph here) and rolled them out to the van (2 sets of 3 inside each other) that I'd already filled with alot of things and figured I'd put these cans in the back. I tried folding the seats down and couldn't figure out how... oh, man....I thought "they will think I'm so stupid" - I managed to get one onto a seat but there wasn't any to get the others in so I took the other 5 back and left them with customer service to be picked up at a later time. Don, another runner,was asked to go back and get them. I asked him to show me how to fold down the seats so i would know for the future and after looking around, he said they don't fold down, they have to be taken out - I felt SO much better hearing that. Lots of other things to do - pick up trash in compound, empty trash in office (which are in trailer). Took workers to the parking lot at end of day. It was a great way to unwind from the crazy day = nice breeze while driving, after such a hot day (in the 90's). People grateful to have a ride to the parking lot since its a pretty long walk. I was pretty tired by end of day. I had worked 8am to 7:30pm and was told to be in at 6:30am the next day - I feeling a little bad for myself till I realized all the other runners had to drive in, park, walk the long walk to the Cart Barn, get a cart or van and go back to the parking lot to pick people up. So, I asked my boss if I could take home a golf cart so I could go pick up runners at the lot and bring them to the barn and the liked the idea. So that has worked great and the other runners are appreciative of it. David, Brian and I talked for awhile after we got back to our campsites and I was really tired.

Tuesday - picked up runners at 6:20am - worked till 8pm Day went better. Am happier. Hotter today. When Brian, David and I talked that night, I was telling them things that felt like they happened several days ago and then I'd go "OH, that was only THIS morning".

Weds: 6:20 picked up Runners. Worked till 7 or 8 - can't remember. 96 degrees. Heat bothering me way more than the long hours. I think I was starting to look bad as boss starts asking if I'm ok. These last 3 nights when I ate supper, I only ate because it was there (free in the catering tent) and I should eat but was SO tired, even while eating. Early to bed.

Thursday - picked up runners 6:20am - worked till mid - morning. Boss told me to go home to rest then come back at 5 to shuttle people to parking lot. They said since I'm living so close, it would work great to have me come in early, shuttle people , go back and rest and come back and shuttle the night shift. Worked 5pm - 11pm. I was happy for the first 5 mins and then the "S hit the fan". Also poured while shuttling so we were all soaked in some areas and had to be in wet pants till going home time. The whole night was chaotic. Done at 11. Right to bed.

Friday - 5:20am pick up runners. When done shuttling people boss called me and told me to meet him and other runners in catering tent for a meeting,then I could go take a nap (which the other runners heard). in meeting he said we needed to shuttle people at 9 and 10 which included me - the other runners are saying "hey i thought you were going to get to take a nap".
After shutting the next 2 groups, i was released and told to go back at 5. This is day William Shatner was coming in for the voice over was coming in for that voice over Brian talked about in previous journal. I was really hoping to meet him. After coming back from first shuttle, pretty wet, I turned around and there he was!....3 feet from me. Went home for awhile, back at 5...till 11. Told to be in at 5;30am tomorrow - what??

Sat - 5:20 till some point. Very cold while shuttling. Left around 11 and had rest of day off. Told to be in at 4:30 am tomorrow -WHAT??? Was given a ticket to the opening ceremonies (one perk of "sleeping with one of the bosses" - which apparently doesn't keep me from picking up trash from the compound grounds. :-) saw first 2 hours of ceremony which I loved. Left before over as knew I had to get up at 3:30 next morning. In bed before David got home.

Sun: 4:20am pick up runners - wore extra clothing so I wouldn't be so cold. Was told I could leave at 8am - they didn't know what time they wanted me back so I asked them to call. One of my bosses, Jackie, called me at 5pm to tell me to be ready to shuttle people at 5am and that I didn't have to come back in tonight. nice! Brian got out earlier than usual - we did some shopping and then he made us some hamburgers for dinner. I had brought David's gator home - I went back to get him and to get a cart to drive home so I could runners in the morning. checked runners list and my name wasn't on it...another person said I have tomorrow off. Oh, ok.

I like the people I am working for and with...the runners are mostly college students or college grads. We get along great. Jackie and Jack, our bosses stay positive and appreciative to us, even though they are likely running on fumes. They work longer hours than us and have so much to do. My favorite thing to do is the shuttling...getting to talk to the crew,etc.

Like trailer that was rented to us. Roomy - although could use a bit more room in bathroom and bedroom,but bed is comfy and i sleep well.

More later...

WEG Day #41A

I want to share with you the Middle East tents and their chandeliers

From the Horse Park

WEG Day #41

Opening Ceremonies is done and we are in the The Games. They went well and we did our change from Opening over to the Endurance Venue. A very long day and we were very successful in doing that. A few opening errors in transmission (hey, were is my sound effects?). So, that has been sorted and things are quiet. For today we are preparing for Dressage (horse ballet), a NBC show at noon, and still doing Reining and Endurance. The Endurance has become more of a problem due to Dubai TV. They want a lot of air time to do interviews and news packages. We were counting on only doing simple coverage and it is expanded.....a lot!

Endurance is a competition that is a 100 mile race. Remember the movie "Hildago"? Race across the Arabian Desert and the person that doesn't kill their horse wins? This is sort of like that. The rider goes out on a 13-20 mile loop, does a vet check on the horse, and goes out on the next loop. There are 6 loops of various length for 100 miles. The Middle East is famous for their riders and there is royalty riding today with the Sheik of Dubai's son and the Royal Family of Qatar. And, by the way, they are about ready to go to war with each other. Things are a little tense down in Endurance. And the tents they are using each have very large chandiliers in them. Nothing but the best for Royalty.

My last story for today is about Mr. Skunk. I was checking on Indoor arena for some computer installs and Brian had left for the day back to the campground for a well deserved break. I was coming downstairs to leave and one of the building people call me over and pointed to something in a corner.....Mr. Skunk. He was a little angry as all of the riders and people and me were standing there watching him Needless to say, we didn't want to interrupt his moseying around our venue. So he finally decided to walk down the cattle hallway as he got bored with us. The problem was he was heading down towards Brian's Camera 2. We all thought it was funny when the camera person came in the next day to have a visitor waiting for him so I did finally decide to call Brian and inform him of this nocturnal friend.

Brian, you are on your own!

From the Horse Park

Saturday, September 25, 2010

WEG Day #40


Well it happened, we did our VoiceOver with Mr. William Shatner.

Unit #2 truck (the one I'm in charge of overseeing) was given the daunting task of preparing, and then recording, Mr. Shatner's voice for the opening sequence that will comprise the Sunday NBC show (12 - 1:30 PM EST).

After preparing the VoiceOver booth, we waited until we got the phone call: "Mr. Shatner has landed. He'll be there in 20 minutes." That's when the audio guy started to play the opening music to Star Trek, TJ Hooker, and Boston Legal. One of the other tech managers said, "So is he going to stay for awhile, or just beam in?" Har-de-har-har.

Then we got another phone call: "He's at security, he'll be there in 5 minutes."

"He's in the broadcast compound, you'll see him shortly." And a few minutes later, I got to meet Mr. William Shatner.

We showed him the clip we wanted him to VoiceOver, and gave him his script. He went into the booth, did it perfectly, except for a few lines he didn't like (which he was happy to redo), and he was done.

The producer working for NBC went out to thank him, and asked to have her picture taken with him. This was my chance! I gave my camera to the Avid editor, and stood next to Mr. Shatner. That's when he started to talk on the phone and went off to meet his wife. This is the picture I got. I PROMISE you (I have witnesses!), this is not a Photo Bomb.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

WEG Day #38

Brian, Rosemary and I are busy each day as we get closer to Opening Ceremonies. More and more people are coming in and our demands are larger than before. Unfortunately we haven't had a chance to do much with the Blog and it may be a while to really start sharing with you all of the stories, fun and not so much fun. Rosemary will jump in soon but she actually has been working so very long hours and is pretty exhausted over the last few days. I ask her if she is having fun and get that little smile and a, "sure". I expect this one will cost me. If there is any doubt about what Brian and I do and the long hours we keep, Rosemary is a believer as she is working them as well. She is taking time off this morning to relax and I hope catch up on sleep.

More to come but want to share that we haven't forgotten you, but we are a little busy until we get thru Opening Ceremony. Here are more pictures of the 6 trucks that showed up on Sunday.

My compound is complete

From the Horse Park

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WEG Day #37

It's been CRAZY!!
Empty Lot

Sunday we parked 6 mobile production trucks that we weren't 100% sure they were going to fit. In the end, it worked out really well!
Dad parking trucks


About 150 people, that comprise the rest of the show's crew, showed up ready to work. We did a brief meeting to bring everyone up to speed and got to work. At the end of the day we had a social gathering of all the crew. The catering staff had a bar-b-que which included hamburgers and hot dogs. And more interesting for the following story, the dinner included beer. No, this story doesn't involve drunken TV people. Although the catering staff thought we were all tea-tot-a-lers, because everyone was so tired they didn't stay very long.

As you're all aware (or should be at this time), my parents and I are staying in separate camping trailers, in the campground. The rest of the campers that are staying there are other workers for the park, and the grooms people. The grooms are those that take care of the horse.

In conversations with Sandy (and TRUST me, when you have a conversation with Sandy, be prepared to spend an hour. THAT guy, can TALK!), who is the park manager and checks people in, the grooms are not taken care of very well. He doesn't care that they show up at all hours of the night; 1 AM, 4 AM, etc. What really burns his bacon is that they show up with no money, no snacks, nothing. One groom showed up after being on several planes for a total of 38 hours, and hadn't eaten. So, Sandy took them to McDonald's so they'd have something! On Sunday the local Presbyterian Church dropped by with some homemade food, because they had heard how these people are living.

In the campground are about 100 of the FEMA travel trailers that have been in the news after the Katrina catastrophe. My father and I have stepped inside a couple of them and they look just like my trailer: Actually pretty nice. They are just missing some of the niceties: No logos on the side, and no water holding tanks for waste.

Sandy purchased all of these trailers for $250 each, and they will sold at the end of the games at a local auction. The first person to step into the trailers was Sandy a month ago, to make sure it had everything.

These trailers a LOT better than what they've done at other events. This is the first time all the events are happening within a 2 mile radius. Usually Endurance is 70 miles away from Driving, etc, etc. And the grooms have literally pitched tents next to the stadium/arena/track. So, they are happiER, but it's still pretty bad.

So, back to the beer: Monday night, after our crew left I loaded all the beer into my Gator and drove around the groom's side of the campground, if I saw a group of adults, I pulled in and said, "Would you like some beer?" Most asked how much it cost, and other's asked how much they could take. At the end of the night, I still had two cases of beer. Last night, I repeated the action: "Would you like some beer?" and got rid of it all.

Just trying to bring a smile to some of these people that aren't treated very well.

From the Horse Park

Saturday, September 18, 2010

WEG #33


Red credentials get you they don't. You need the blue crendentials, can't have them. Your golf carts are red but you can't use them, you need green golf you can't have them, they are only for fire and police. But you see operational and Media people with these carts.....No you can't have Infinity passes as they are only for FBI but you see them on the operational people.

Sigh too. The issues are of access and Broadcast needs to get to our camera platforms. The organizing committee seems to take great delight in not allowing that so the battle has begun. Stay tuned.

But today's story is of a more amusing nature. William Shatner. Yes, old Bill is coming and we will enjoy his company in our compound. Rosemary's heart is now pounding!

In searching for an announcer for some of the packages we are doing, it was suggested that William Shatner would be a good candidate. He owns quarter horses and was coming to be in the Opening Ceremonies. So, we need to ask him if he is willing to work for us. At a price. So, the producer, Jim, calls him and gets his assistant, who says Mr. Shatner is not available to take the call. So, Jim tells the assistant to call him so they can talk. About an hour later, Jim gets a call but cannot take it. The voicemail from the call is from the assistant chastising Jim for not picking up as "Mr. Shatner is now available and WAITING". So Jim calls back and finally talks to Bill and they have a very friendly chat. Jim is dancing around the office with "I talked to Captain Kirk, I talked to Captain Kirk". The his agent called. Mr. Shatner will do the announcing (about 15 minutes worth of work) for two first class tickets and $25,000. Jim, regretfully and almost tearfully had to say no. Bill did call back later and personnally reduced the price to a middle ground. Captain Kirk is on deck!

Leaving you with pictures today of Rosemary's little charges and Opening Cermonies main stage.

From the Horse Park

Friday, September 17, 2010

WEG Day #32

Yesterday was an interesting day.

Carr-Hughes hired a Hughes 500D helicopter to fly around and get aerial shots of the park. Then they had hooked up with a local equestrian to fly by her as her horse is galloping. My hope was to get a ride in the helicopter. Due to weather, we were really crunched on time, an it never happened. BUT, that wasn't the most interesting part.

Before the helicopter landed I met up with Dorothy Crowell, the rider, and Picadilly (or Pickles), the horse. We scouted around to find a good place for filming. To the left of the field we were in was a prison. We talked to the Black Burn medium security prison to let them know not to shoot at us when the helicopter comes by. They thanked us, and we went our day of shooting.

Pickles the horse didn't like the helicopter

I had a radio that was in communication with the helicopter, they'd do a fly-by and show Dorothy where to ride. She'd book it with Pickles, and I'd flag her down when they got the shots they wanted. After about half-an-hour the director was pleased with the work we'd done and had released us. I walked Dorothy back, and said goodbye to Pickles.

About a half-hour later I received a voicemail from Dorothy. Apparently after I'd left a car came up to Dorothy and asked who she was and if she was connected to the helicopter that was flying by. She said, "Yes", and the gentleman said, "Next time you need to call the local prison, and let them know you're going to do this." She said, "We did. We called Black Burn." He said, "That's fine, but you didn't call THAT prison."

We didn't call the KENTUCKY STATE MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON HOSPITAL. Sooo..... Dorothy said, "What happened we flew by?", "Well, a bunch of alarms went off and three guards pointed high-powered rifles at the helicopter." "Oh"

Needless to say, we won't be doing THAT again.

From the Horse Park

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WEG Day #30

I still can't believe I have been here 30 days but I checked and it is true. We are getting closer to Opening Ceremonies (10 days) and it will be quickly thru. My one challenge is to keep everyone focused on the games and to make sure they all do their jobs. And stay happy.

In the mean time....I am dealing with an issue of most gas for our Gators. Remember my issues with Gators? Let's add a new gas! Yes, they have gas in the Park for golf carts and Gators but the problem is the building and electical inspectors shut down the pumps because they are out of compliance and could blow up. I am good with shutting them down but I have had to go rescue Brian twice as he keeps RUNNING OUT OF GAS!

The last thing is Brian gave me a panic phone call that there were people setting up cameras and uplinks by our NBC set. He was very concerned as he had no idea what was going on. What was happening was that there was a press conference and the were hoping to use our set to do the conference on. I had no issues as it was a one shot thing. So I agreed to allow this and come to find out that there will be a special guest of honor at the Opening Ceremonies and the announcement of who it was was allowed. Mohammed Ali.

You, dear readers, now have insider information.

From the Horse Park

Monday, September 13, 2010

WEG Day #28

My Turn.....

After 1,000 miles, 16 hours, 4 stops for fuel, and 1 stop for running out of gas (don't worry, I carry a 5-Gallon tank of Gasoline) I drove down from New Hampshire to the park in one day. I will admit it took me a couple of days to recover from this, but was fun non-the-less.

It's been an interesting time here.

Staying in my trailer, at the campground in the park, has been a huge benefit to working here. I wake up, get ready for the day (the usual camping affair: Instant oatmeal and espresso, while watching a Blu-Ray episode of some show), drive a John Deere Gator to work, work, go back to the trailer for lunch (finishing the Blu-Ray episode), back to work. At the end of the day, back to the trailer for dinner, and off to bed.

I was able to take my motorcycle out yesterday. It was the perfect day for it!

Not all major events are this way. But I'm sure loving this one!

From the Horse Park

Saturday, September 11, 2010

WEG Day #26


We now have all things for the compound in place. And we are moving forward with getting ready for people to start on Monday. YAY!

This is most of the compound including EXECUTIVE TOILET....Rosemary will be happy!

But today, I want to share with you the "Gator Incident".

Now, a Gator is not what you think but a John Deere 4 or 6 wheel utility vehicle. Goes anywhere and can haul cameras and equipment well. I was in Sydney doing an Olympics and on set up, I asked my supervisor if they had any Gators assigned to my venue. He gave me a weird look and said, "none here, but we have crocodiles along the coast line".........Hmmmmmm, Not in Kansas anymore Toto.

This is your standard underpowered golf cart.

This is a Gator

Crappy underpowered go nowhere in a big farm golf cart

Super vehicle.

We have been asking for our Gators since we got here. Kept telling us soon, soon. Then the big day the shipment arrived. The girl (yea, I know, but she has other names that I cannot use and she doesn't deserve the title "woman") told me with this big smarmy smile I don't get mine for yet, two more days. I asked why and that smarmy smile came up and said, "oh, these are for Competition people". Useless cow! Anyway, I waited for two days and instead of getting what I asked for, I get this.......

There are 8 of them with my mini bike as part of our now "herd" of Gators. And no, I am not giving them back.


So, I am leaving you with another picture or two of our campsite and Brian putting together the grill. We watch the sunset from Brian's campsite.

From the Horse Park

Thursday, September 09, 2010

WEG Day #24

As we move forward, there are still things to be done but we are finally seeing movement. The WEG group are trying very hard to pull together the final details. We are now only 15 days from opening and still have major construction going on. I have tried to write this Blog today and failed. I am giving up and will pick it up in the morning.

Too many meetings and con-calls

From the Horse Park

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

WEG Day #23

Sorry to all but have been busy at home and now been busy here. Want to introduce you to my accommodations here that just got changed.

I am staying in the campground. Yes, back to the camping life I grew up with. Nice views of the park and able to get to work via motorcycle and golf cart.

So, not royal, but still not bad. I will take some pictures of outside later.

from The Park

Saturday, September 04, 2010

WEG Day #19

I forgot to mention that I was getting "shore leave" and coming home for the weekend. Yesterday was my travel day and actually had on-time flights and got in to Manchester at a reasonable hour of 12:45 pm. I only had 3 crisis waiting for me when I got off the plane and dealt with the fourth on the way home. One more crisis happened and then I had the night off.

So, dear readers, I will pick this up again on Tuesday when I am back and in full swing.

From Madbury

Thursday, September 02, 2010

WEG Day #17

Not too much to report yesterday other than the bad chicken stayed with me all day and I was pretty much "off my game". I have been sick on locations before and it isn't fun. A quick story about my being sick overseas. I was doing the Olympics in Seoul and I had my own driver for driving in Seoul. Trust me, you don't want to drive in Seoul and I appreciated the chauffeur. I got terribly sick with some flu and I felt awful. My driver, Mr. Kim, took care of me by buying some weird stuff in an apothecary. It tasted awful but the next day, I felt great. Never really knew what was in that but it did work. Another thing about Mr. Kim, he had waiting for me each morning his only audio cassette of American music he owned, Patti Page's Greatest Hits. I listened to "How much is that Doggie in the Window" for 5 weeks.

And, oh by the way, my trailers are staying where they are even with the "20 foot no fly zone".

from The Horse Park

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

WEG Day #16

There are days not worth getting out of bed.

Our compound is finally coming together with our trailers, power, and catering tent. We have 13 trailers and they are almost all set. Or maybe

International groups

Edit Suites and vendors trailer

Rest of compound

Power farm

Well, we were doing so well when the stuff hit the fan all at once. WLEX-TV came to see me about their morning news set and where it goes. At the same time the lighting company wanted to see the NBC set and the other areas we want lit. At the same time the furniture people showed up with some crappy furniture that I told them I didn't want. At the same time the office trailer people showed up to say we illegally parked a trailer in the wrong spot and the building inspector wanted them moved. And last, at the same time I had our CATV guy (off air for all monitors in the Park) showed up with very rude comments and telling me where he would set up. Well, old Larry the Cable Guy (yes, that is what they call him) made a huge mistake that day and let's just say that he was fixed first and yes, I put him where I wanted him to go. The lighting guy was the fastest trip thru the park you ever saw. The furniture people I turned over to the Production Manager and said, "make this go away". She didn't but how can you expect someone to work 3 weeks on a card table (yes, I will get pictures later) and a metal chair. That won't happen. But we are getting them back this morning. Then the trailer issue. As of this morning at 7:30a, we still don't know if we have to move the trailers or not. There is suppose to be a 20 foot barrier around the tent it is parked to. No one told me that and I parked it very close. Too close. Now they want it moved.

Oops? Where is the 20 foot no fly zone

So, I went back to my hotel, got out the leftover chicken from our barbecue, made a sandwich and watched TV. At 3:00a this morning I was violently sick as I think I got food poisoning. Writing this, I am still shaking.

Should never have gotten out of bed.

from the Horse Park